Pizza Silvana

Pizza Silvana

Trying to offer an excellent service, Pizza Silvana keeps its slogan 'Always 2 for 1' with the main purpose of helping you to share special moments with the people you care. In order to satisfy your tastes, we have for you 12 types of pizzas made with selected and fresh ingredients. But if you are looking for an intense flavor try our popular chicken wings as part of our special promotion. Eat with us! You will not be sorry. Do not miss our special discounts! so order now by phone or Online it will be our pleasure to deliver excellent pizzas for you.

(514) 600-5838

6217 Monk, Ville Emard Montreal H4E 3H8

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Always 2 for 1
Always 2 for 1

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Google Reviews
Always 2 for 1
Nero Tonicia

-Been ordering from here for a few months now and all I could say is wow affordable pizza, the taste is incredible. They hit the mark all the time lovely ordertakers plus the delivery men are super kind very friendly-

Always 2 for 1
Always 2 for 1
Strummer Lover

-The pizza is amazing. We tried ordering online this time, and it got cancelled. So we went there and didn't really understand the explanation. Staff were nice tonight. It can be iffy sometimes. A few months ago, we had agreed to wait 25 minutes, after which they told us there will be no pizza because their over broke. They weren't very apologetic. (I'm sure the lady tonight, would have been) The fact that we keep returning, after such issues, is a testament to how yummy this pizza is. The price is also fair. Its not the prettiest establishment but we don't care when the pizza goes in our mouths at home. Also, they allow 3 toppings (cheese is included so its 3 on top of that. AND chicken is not considered extra. If it is a topping on the menu, you can have it on your pizza and any combination. Its an awesome place, keep your bills for a free pizza after like 10 or 12.-

Always 2 for 1
Always 2 for 1
Mark Sepe

-So good, the pizzas are very tasty, the people are friendly and they are very understanding. Shout out to the young cashier,-

Always 2 for 1
Always 2 for 1
Avid Fan Nelson

-Supermax is best deal ever...fries are great..sauce and chicken a regular-

Always 2 for 1
Always 2 for 1
Arkel Angel

-Very pleased with our service here. We order maybe once every month or so :) I really like their pizza sauce and the poutine. I usually order for delivery and have usually received great service (one time the fries arrived cold and my partner wouldn't eat them so I deep fried them again).-

Always 2 for 1